Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, and a free pattern to you!

Pearly Girly Headband

Skill Level: beginner

Materials:5.50 mm crochet hook
                30-60 Craft pearls
                Beading elastic
                Brush suri or mohair yarn (any delicate weight yarn will work, these are just preferred)
                Tapestry needle

Average Head Sizes:
Preemies- 9-12"
0-3 month -13" - 14"
3-6 month- 14" - 17 "
6-12 month-16" - 19 "
Toddler-small child-18" to 20 "
child-preteen-19" - 20 1/2"
preteen to adult-20 1/2 - 22.5"

Cut the Elastic approximate 2-3 inches shorter than the desired head circumference. If you don't know how big the person's head is, use the average head sizes listed above

Knot one end of the elastic so you are able to start adding pearls and they won't fall off

String pearls on to the elastic, You'll want to make sure that you add enough pearls that the headband looks full when stretched, but don't over do it so it is too full.

tie both ends of elastic together securely to form headband


If you are using mohair opposed to brushed suri, you'll want to double up strands to give the flower a little more girth


3dc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st in next ch, *3dc in next ch, sl st in next ch* Rep from * across to end of row fasten off leaving 15" end

holding one end end in your hand, start wrapping the crochet work counter clockwise around the center. Once you have the rose shaped, secure shape with a tapestry needle and the 15" end


Sew 3 craft pearls to the center of the rose, sew rose to headband, fasten off and weave in all ends

This design is copyrighted and protected by Crochetmylove Designs.
It is illegal to change any portion of this pattern and sell the written
works as your own creation. Finished products maybe sold anywhere.
Please give credit to the pattern writer with the link


  1. Thank you for the free pattern. It's so cute!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Dusty,

    Where can I find the mohair? And I have also looked for merino wool... and to no avail... Hate to shop online as I like to feel and have immediately!


  3. If your town has any privately owned yarn shops, they should have everything you need. I don't live in a huge town and we have two of them. I recently discovered that michaels has a few skeins of merino wool that i never noticed before. Its in their more expensive section and its not obvious at all. A great substitue for mohair is pattons lace weight yarn. I buy that at hobby lobby. Its got that fuzzy thin effect. If all else fails, has the fastest shipping out of any site ive used. I often have my yarn within a couple days :) hope that helps