Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stretch Lace headband

Skill: Easy 

Materials: 1 roll of stretch elastic ( you can buy this at almost any craft store, just make sure it stretches!!)
                  5.50 mm crochet hook 
                  small amount of pink size 4 worsted weighted yarn 
                  small amount of cream size 4 worsted weighted yarn 
                  a few craft pearls (optional)

Average head sizes             
Preemies- 9-12"
0-3 month -13" - 14"
3-6 month- 14" - 17 "
6-12 month-16" - 19 "
Toddler-small child-18" to 20 "
child-preteen-19" - 20 1/2"
preteen to adult-20 1/2 - 22.5"

Cut the Elastic approximate 2-3 inches shorter than the desired head circumference. If you don't know how big the person's head is, use the average head sizes listed above

sew ends of elastic together with similar colored yarn and a tapestry needle, you can also use hot glue if you prefer

with pink yarn ch2

R1)6sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in first sc to join
R2)ch2, 3dc in same st as ch2, sl st in next sc, *ch2, 3dc in same st as ch2, sl st in next sc* rep from * around four more times. sl st below beg ch2 to join (6 petals made)
R3) *ch3, (place ch 3 behind next petal) sl st in-between next two petals* Rep from * around. You'll have 6 loops behind your petals, sl st below beg ch3 to join round

switch to cream yarn

sl st in any loop
R4) ch2, 5dc in same loop as ch2, sl st in next loop, *ch2, 5dc in same loop as ch2, sl st in next loop * rep from * 4 more times. sl st in beg loop to join. (6 cream petals made)

fasten off

sew flower onto of seam of headband.

Optional- I sewed craft pearls in the center of my flower and along the edges

This design is copyrighted and protected by Crochetmylove Designs.
It is illegal to change any portion of this pattern and sell the written
works as your own creation. Finished products maybe sold anywhere.
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