Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mothersday :)

110 yards handspun super fine merino thick and thin

mamma chosen pays shipping

$3 US
$7 canada
$9 everywhere else

Tell me you funniest mama story ( you can leave it in a comment here or on the facebook post)

story that makes me laugh the hardest gets this yarn as a mothersday gift


  1. When my daught was about a year and a half we were over at my parents house having thanksgiving dinner. We were all out in the living room when next thing we see is my daughter Abigail walking out with a big butcher knife in one hand and a filled turkey baster in the other. She some how grabbed the knife of the counter by its handle. My mother jumped up to grab the knife and when she did my daughter squeezed the filled turkey baster right in her face! Hilarious, minus the entitial scare of the knife.

  2. When my 12 year old was little he had a boogie hanging on his nose I wiped it off put it in a newspaper he cried got the newspaper and put the boogie back in his nose

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